The KLS / Paternoster

Paternoster Tech Scatch 12KLS – 2 axis Paternoster

KLS 1-axis & 2-axis Paternoster

The main features of our KLS storage systems are a high economical efficiency and optimization of the overall workflow. Compared to conventional storage systems KLS itself controls the whole process. The system keeps the samples in the necessary conditions which guarantee the vitality needed, even if there is a power interruption. Due to newest IT solution and the usage of RFID chips the system fulfills all GLP guidelines just with a fingertip. The modern and unique system adapts itself to the working process and makes manual intervention obsolete. It is not only the safest but does also ensure a pleasant working environment. This system combines the advantages of reefer chests and refrigerators, whilst avoiding their disadvantages. The large version is the KLS 2 axis Paternoster (s.a.) with a storage capacity up to 25 MIO vials of 1,5 ml content. The KLS 1-axis device (as in the picture to the right) is the small version.

A KLS can store plasma bags in cassettes as well as smallest tissue samples. The KLS can be adapted to the size of the goods. Only the matrix boxes in the cassettes and the robot retrieval grab function have to be altered. All other components of the KLS remain the same and are modularly expandable. The KLS 2 axis paternoster is up to max. 12 mtr. prolongable with one door only (longer versions are possible, but length would increase however the access time for individual samples). The KLS only need a small footprint of 2×2 m and space for a computer desk. Both devices can be everywhere installed in areas with at least 4 m height (KLS-Paternoster) and approx. 3.5 m. width and a floor loading capacity of at least 500 kg/m2. Mabag offers the complete turn key ready implementation for sale or for rental includung full service, if required.

Advantages of the KLS System

    • All in one solution for storage, inventory system, quality control including documentation
    • GLP or MDD certification optional
    • Fully computer based inventory management, password protected access
    • Control and date processing via W-LAN or remote access
    • Easy to integrate into LIS/HIS systems
    • Space efficient
    • Closed liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cooling system.
    • No cross contamination of samples
    • No additional air-condition necessary
    • No de-icing needed
    • No significant loss of temperature when loading/unloading
    • Maintains temperature up to 24 hrs in the event of power failure
  • Manual access even in case of power interruption
  • Installation without structural alterations, parts fit through normal doors
  • Alarm signal via in-house surveillance system
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance possible
  • Ultra low maintance requirement by almost any technician
  • No loss of samples due to stable storage conditions
  • Reduction of running cost by simplified operation

Paternoster Tech Scatch 1KLS – 2 axis Paternoster

KLS Tech Scatch 10
KLS – 1 axis

KLS Tech Scatch 5KLS – 1 axis

KLS Tech Scatch 12KLS – 1 axis loading port


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